Looking for CrossFit in Chico?

Looking for the best CrossFit in Chico? Do you live in Chico and want to experience CrossFit? In Mo CrossFit is the Chico CrossFit program to try!In Mo CrossFit is one of the only CrossFit programs in Northern California that is available with a number of other programs through a full service gym.

In Mo CrossFit Chico

What is CrossFit?

CrossFit: An elite fitness program that everyone can experience. Fitness programs come and go, but CrossFit is unique and nothing like anything you have ever done before. Once you try it, you will be hooked and in no time at all - pushing yourself further than ever before.
In Mo’s CrossFit workouts are designed and built to incorporate constantly varied functional movements, performed at high intensity - The best part? You create the intensity level for yourself.
You’ll push yourself further than you ever thought possible and discover strength- you never knew existed.

Experience In Mo’s Cross Fit Classes or private Cross Fit Coaching - all of our Cross Fit programs are Created exclusively by our nine certified level 1 CrossFit trainers.
Safe – fun - and best of all … it works
Taking fitness to a whole new Level – In Motion Cross Fit – Come get SOME!